Ali Fazal opens up about being cornered for refusing to shoot randomly introduced intimate scene: Everybody was like, ‘Tu toh launda hai yaar, isko kya problem ho rahi hai’ | Hindi Movie News

Ali Fazal, who will be next seen in filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj’s spy thriller film Khufiya, opened up about the time when he felt cornered by the people on a movie set after he refused to shoot for an intimate scene with the actress.
Ali talked about facing the common assumptions aboutmen on the set, mentioning that he never speaks about it because there are people involved.Without taking anybody’s name, Ali explained what exactly had happened on the set.
He told Pinkvilla that an intimate scene between him and his heroine was randomly introduced, which wasn’t a part of the script. While the actress was ready to perform the scene because she was given a prior brief, it was not discussed with Ali.
When Ali came on the set, he could see that everybody’s been briefed and they are ready to shoot the scene and he was just standing there. He then told them that he is not comfortable with the kind of choreography that was.

And for the first time, Ali experienced that people were not expecting a guy to say no to intimate scenes. “Why is it assumed that I’m too ready? Why is it assumed that I should be okay? The girl in question was convinced because of her character, and the brief that was given. I wasn’t given (the brief), and it was never discussed,” he said.
But Ali stuck to his decision. He felt cornered because everybody was like ‘Tu toh launda hai yaar, isko kya problem ho rahi hai. (He’s a guy. What’s his problem?)’ Everybody was looking at him and for the first time, Ali realised how women have felt for years and decades being in a similar situation.
He then spoke about having intimacy coordinators on film sets, mentioning that they were necessary for creating a safe and comfortable working environment.

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